How to choose the unburned brick PN
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Method of selection of unburned pallets.

(1) choose a kind of wear-resistant surface, some bamboo product surface is easy to play like the hair the same thing;

(2) choose a disposable and durable, for at least another year without bad,no fracture phenomenon;

(3) the strong impact resistance, not easy to break; if you use a few months or half a year is broken, although can change back and forth, but also is not a thing;

(4) choose a not easy expansion, the first half with some supportingproduct, then sell is 25mm, the results into 26, 27, 28, 30mm ranging fromplate;

(5) a single product is lighter, because generally plate through the human,especially the 6 type of brick pallets, large supporting board, 850*680*25plate single piece weight of 8 kilograms. If the board weight will increase inworkers, thus increasing the manpower salary. According to customer response: employee palletizing finished brick, because after the plate weight a person do not take up, most of them are drawn from the top down,so the plate broke in particular.

(6) the new glass steel brick pallets. The mass fraction of its components:the light burning powder 25 ~ 35%, 18 ~ 25% water magnesium chloride, 20~ 30%, modifying agent 0.4 ~ 0.5%, 10 ~ 20% of inorganic filler, organicfiller is 5 ~ 10%, alkali resistant glass fiber cloth 8 ~ 10, 1 ~ 2 layer bamboograte. Its production process is: first the light burning powder, magnesium chloride, water, modifying agent, inorganic filler, organic filler according to the order of magnesite slurry preparation; then the magnesite slurry into thecleaning mold, adding alkali glass fiber cloth layer and Take Ko, placed in the mold molding machine, molding, the reaction of curing curing release toage can be. This product has high strength, resistant to cooking, impact resistance, seismic, non absorbent, non deformation, no cracking, no pollution, long service life, and can be used in recycling etc.. Greatly reduce the production cost of the bricks, solves the difficulty of new building materials factory plastic wood pallets vulnerable.

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